Registration Information


To register for the event, send mail to with the following information (if more than one booking, give these for all participants):

  • Your full name
  • Your nickname (or any name you want to have displayed in the public participants list).
  • Your nationality
  • Planned date of arrival
  • Planned date of departure (if you omit this, we will assume the date of event closure, which is usually Sunday).
  • Date of birth
  • Dietary restrictions
  • Any other medical conditions (such as epilepsy or diabetes) that organizers should be aware of.

Your information will not be handed out to third parties (with the exception of medical staff should you need medical attention during the event) and will be destroyed after the event (so you need to give this information separately again if you attend multiple events).

You will receive a short registration confirmation email once your registration has been received. Since the actual registration for Finns to the event usually only opens a month or two before the event, you will be manually registered into the event by the organizers on the day of official registration opening. NOTE that you can and should register prior to this date to ensure a place in the event as they are limited. If you do get a positive registration confirmation message, your place in the event is guaranteed (as long as you pay the registration fee on time) even if the official registration processing will be done later.

On the day of official registration opening (for Finns), you will receive a confirmation email to the email address you sent the registration from. This email will confirm you the amount due as well as give you payment instructions.


Registration fee covers accommodation on premises in multi-person rooms (actual size depends on the location). More details in event-specific information pages. Note that we may not be able to provide accommodation in single-sex rooms.

You can register for the whole event that starts on Thursday and ends on Sunday or only for Friday-Sunday period. Registration fee varies each event, but is usually between 30-40 EUR for Thursday-Sunday registration and somewhat less for Friday-Sunday registration.

It often also covers breakfasts, some afternoon light bites and some evening fare such as sausages or pancakes. Note that we do not serve full lunches or dinners. Check the event specific pages for details on exact meals served.

On payment of registration fee

Registration fee must be paid in a single IBAN transfer in EURO amount. You must pay all transfer and bank fees yourself. If you cannot pay all fees, you must add the amount of recipient-paid fees to the registration sum. More detailed instructions will be sent by email after the registration has been processed (this is often 1-2 months prior to the event). NO payment reminders will be sent. If the amount is not paid on due date, entry to the event will be denied. Of course we will allow for a few days of transfer time if you have selected the payment to be processed by your bank on the due date. If you have ANY issues with payment (for example you are not sure if the payment was successful or you cannot pay by the due date for whatever reason), contact our treasurer IMMEDIATELY at rahastonhoitaja(at) for assistance.


If you cancel your booking prior to the due date, any paid fees will returned (minus the transaction costs). If cancelling on or after due date or if the transaction costs exceed the fees paid, no fees will be returned.