Summer moot 2013

Event: Summer Moot 2013 (The Miitti)
Venue: Lapjärvi, Miehikkälä, Finland
Dates: 18th July – 21st July 2013

Also read the general Summer Moot Event Information and Registration Information pages. Note that we have limited registration slots for participants from abroad so register today for guaranteed entry to the event!


The venue is a summer camp located in eastern Finland, approximately 40 km from the Russian border (as the crow flies). It is situated on an isthmus between two small lakes.

The nearest village is Pyhältö about 8 kilometers to the west. It has a small convenience store and buses from Helsinki stop next to it. The closest larger town is Hamina about 30 kilometers to the south. Organizers can come pick you up from Pyhältö or try and organize car transportation for you from Helsinki or Tampere (or some close-by town such as Hamina, Kouvola or Lahti).

The venue has a larger main building and a smaller sauna building by the lake Syväjärvi. The main building has a gathering/dining hall, a large sleeping hall and two smaller sleeping rooms (one with two beds and the other with four beds). The sleeping hall has bunk beds and the smaller rooms have normal beds. The sauna building has an upper floor where it is possible to sleep on mattresses. There is a public swimming pier close to the sauna building (which can be used but swimming suit is compulsory), but the sauna also has a private swimming pier meant for our use only. There is also an indoor shower in the main building.

The venue has variable mobile Internet access. Some Finnish providers have reasonable coverage up to 3G speed and some have next to none with even voice services being spotty.

Travelling to the venue

The summer timetables are not yet confirmed, but there should be a bus line going from the center of Helsinki directly to Pyhältö without any changes in-between. The bus ride takes about 3h 20min. During winter time this bus leaves at 11:00 from Helsinki (this may change when the summer timetables take effect). This is by far the easiest way of getting close enough for a personal pickup by the organizers.

From Tampere there are multiple travel options that all require at least two bus routes (some involving train journeys as well) and take between 4h 30mins and 5h 30mins.

Of course there is also the option of private transportation in one of our Finnish’ participants cars. The details of these are only available close to the event so you should plan a way of getting into Pyhältö (or at least Hamina) by public transportation in case we fail to secure you a spot in one of these cars.

Event schedule

The event usually starts around 14:00 or 15:00 on Thursday when first organizers arrive to the venue (exact time is informed closer to the event). The event closes at around 13:00 on Sunday after the venue is cleaned up.

A more detailed schedule will appear here closer to the event.


Breakfasts consist of porridge, ingredients for do-it-yourself sandwiches with juice, tea and coffee to drink. Afternoon/evening snack is mostly the same but without the porridge (but sometimes with apples or other fruits).

  • Thursday: Evening snack
  • Friday: Breakfast, afternoon snack, sausages/maize/marshmallows to grill over a campfire in the evening
  • Saturday: Breakfast, afternoon snack, pancakes
  • Sunday: Breakfast

There are NO lunches or dinners served. It is recommended you bring your own food. The venue kitchen is open for participants to use in preparing their own meals. There is a large oven with cooking plates, as well as a microwave oven. The kitchen has a large collection of cutlery and dishes (pans, trays, cups, kettles, etc…) to use in your cooking. Just remember to wash your dishes afterwards!

Unfortunately cold storage in the venue is limited, so please try to bring most of your own food in a form that does not necessarily require fridge or freezer storage (there is some cold storage space so by all means you can bring some food that you need to put into a fridge or a freezer).

There are usually participants going into the local convenience store once or twice a day on Friday and Saturday. Thus you can restock your food and snack in case you forgot something or eat more than you originally brought with you.

Registration and fees

The registration fee is not yet known, but last year when the event was held in the same venue, the registration fees were as follows:

  • 32 EUR for Thursday – Sunday period
  • 25 EUR for Friday – Sunday period

We expect that the fees will remain on a similar level this year.

The registration fee covers entry into the event and all the meals served as well as accommodation in the venue (a bed or a bunk bed in a shared bedroom or sleeping hall). Some program items may have separate fees which are paid directly in cash to the person running the program. These are usually workshops or similar where the fee covers material costs.

Program items

This is a preliminary list of proposed program items. Items may be removed/added without notice from this list.

  • Quenya for beginners (based on the Conversational Quenya workshops held by Susan Edwards at Tolkien Society meetings)
  • Tolkien exhibition, with collectibles, art, rare editions of Tolkiens books, etc… if you have an item you’d like to bring with you, contact Pekka Saarimaa (novack79 at
  • Medieval dance lessons
  • Origami workshop
  • Tolkien themed quiz (with questions hidden around the venue indoors and outdoors). Questions have been in Finnish traditionally, but we might consider putting in English versions as well, depending on how many participants we get outside of Finland. There are prizes for best three participants and the winners are announced on Sunday afternoon just before the event is closed.
  • Daytrip to the Salpa Line Museum in Miehikkälä (,0,0), separate entry fee of 6 EUR per person (not really a Tolkien item but it is an interesting local history exhibition nonetheless)

Most of the programming is run by attendees. If you have any program in mind that you would like to run for us, please contact anna.jaamar at and we will see what we can do to accommodate your program item into the existing schedule. There are also common program items (outside of meals), such as:

  • Greeting rounds (where all participants can introduce themselves) with organizers welcome and information speech on the arrangements, security issues, etc.. are held on both Thursday and Friday late afternoon/early evening after all attendees have arrived.
  • Sauna is heated up on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening and we have both men’s, women’s and mixed sauna shifts.
  • Evening meals on Friday and Saturday are grilled/baked and served outdoors on camp fire (sausages, pancakes) in front of the sauna building.