New fabric badges and a colouring book!

Next week marks the beginning of this tiny event which you might have heard of, the Worldcon, that is. The Finnish Tolkien Society Kontu will be represented at the Worldcon with our own Fan Table. We’ll do our best to keep the table manned throughout the con so come and say hi! During Tolkien-related programme our table might be empty, though… You’ll find us at the Hall 5 in Messuhalli among other Fan and/or Bid tables.

We are happy to discuss the family trees of hobbits and taller creatures alike or hear you recite some poems from the Lord of the Rings in your own language. And of course, there’s plenty of fabulous badges and a Tolkien colouring book for sale!  You can pay in cash (€) or by card, our card-reader-thingy iZettle accepts most credit or debit cards.

Price list

  • Fabric badges: 3 €, 5 € for 2 pcs
  • Bag with the logo:  5 € (old version) 7/10 € new version (members/non-members)
  • Tolkien Colouring Book: 6 € (If you are a member of the Finnish Tolkien Society, you are entitled to one free copy of the colouring book, yay! You can come and pick it up at the table, or we’ll have it mailed you afterwards)
  • Button badges: 1 €, 5 €/ 6 pcs
  • Ent-t-shirt: 15 €


monogrammi lumihiutale LogokassiEnttipaita Badget1 Badget2